CottageKings Poultry Chickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire
CottageKings PoultryChickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire

Welsh Harlequin

Quack Quack!!

Originally these birds were bred by Group Captain Lesley Bonnet in 1949 where he hatched 2 honey coloured ducklings from some Khaki Campbells, they were originally known as Honey Campbells.

Captain Bonnet moved from Hertfordshire to North Wales where further development took place where around 1950 he then changed the name to Welsh Harlequin.

Some of our breeders

This is one of my breeding flock who won at the Federation Show December 2013

There's a duck in here somewhere?

It was an honour to have the Best Welsh Harlequin for the Welsh Harlequin Club Show at the Federation 2013

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