CottageKings Poultry Chickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire
CottageKings PoultryChickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire


The autosexing breeds were originally created by 2 proffessors at Cambridge University who originally created the Cambar followed by the Braggbar, Cobar and 3 different Legbars.

The Welbars are attributed to a Mr.Humphreys of East Wrey, Lustleigh, Devon who created them sometime between 1940 & 1946.

The autosexing breeds originally created in the 1920's were created because of the need to be able to tell the difference between the sex of the chicks at day old, obviously if you could only rear the female chicks you don't waste expensive food on the male chicks. So Welbars not only can you sex them at day old they lay lots of dark brown eggs and in my opinion are the prettiest chickens around, loads of colour -  as can be seen in the photos.

Breeding Pen showing variety of amazing colours!
My Winning Girl at the 2013 Federation Show!

In these photos here you can see the difference between boys and girls, at day old the boys have the head spot.

These brown eggs are some of our Welbar eggs, the others are there just for comparison.

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