CottageKings Poultry Chickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire
CottageKings PoultryChickens and Ducks available for Sale in Herefordshire

CottageKings Poultry:

CottageKings Poultry is a Waterfowl & Poultry Breeding Farm in the heart of the Herefordshire Countryside

About Us

CottageKings rear all their own birds from chick to adult from eggs produced only from our own stock and I have personally been in the poultry industry for over 30 years!


This guarantee’s any birds we have for sale have high quality and strong breeding bloodlines throughout.


CottageKings do not use any outside or bought in stock, all birds for sale have been through our high quality rearing program which will be witnessed by our customers when they visit.


Here at CottageKings Madley we are confident you will be 100% satisfied.


Come and visit us at Madley everyone is welcome, by appointment only.


If quality is what you are after then we promise you won’t be disappointed.


At CottageKings we only supply our customers with the highest quality birds.


We only believe in the best care to ensure top quality results.


To make certain of this CottageKings insist on the following conditions 12 months of the year.


Plenty of room, warmth and comfort.


High quality food and fresh water changed daily.

0-3 Weeks


Ducklings have constant supply of fresh water and food.


All the warmth and comfort needed to ensure a strong stress free start.

3-6 weeks


Housed in protected runs with fresh grass, water, food and grit.


Free from predators and vermin.

6 weeks onwards


All birds transferred to large runs where they have the freedom to range in a still predator and vermin free environment.


We have a dedicated Predator and Vermin team at CottageKings operating 24 hours a day.




Here at CottageKings, unlike other breeders we are more than happy to sell just our female ducks.


CottageKings always put the buyers first, and in keeping with our high customer service beliefs would never make them feel obligated to buy Drakes.


We look after our customers almost as well as we look after our ducks!!

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